Services and Equipments



From 2014 on we have invested in new machines, to provide a state-of-the-art service for industrial, medical, railway, military and automotive applications.
In Microsystech facility there are climatic rooms, where it is possible to check moisture, temperature and purity of the air.
It is also available a clean room dedicated to the realisation of Hi-Rel applications.
Operators are trained and equipped with the breakthrough materials and documentations to provide the best in class service.

Screen printer DEK Horizon 03ix

High precision ( 2 cpk @ +/- 25 micron 6 Sigma). The Okkay camera test is the automatic evaluation of the stencil clean and of the presence/absence of solder cream on the PCB.

Automatic Pick & Place Line

Mycronic MY200DX-10/14 & MY200SX

More than 1M components mounted in a day in SMD. Up to 330 feeders. Information about each component placement is stored in an SQL database for secure, long-term storage of traceability data.

Vapor Phase Vacuum Soldering System

VP 6000 with Multi Vacuum Technology, Dynamic Profile and Active cooling

VP 800 with Vacuum Technology

Nordson FX-940 automated

Optical inspection system. High-speed PCB assemblies inspection and capture on the fly technology with 3D inspection.

Testing Equipments

Spea Flying Probe S2 4050

Automatic coating robot machine PVA DELTA8

Up to 4 valves for each kind of component/situation. Camera for fiducial detection. Repeatibility of  25 microns

Orthodyne M3600PLUS

The ideal equipment for power hybrids to produce the fastest, most productive, large wire and ribbon bonder on the market.