About Us

Microsystech develops, manufactures and sells power hybrids and electronic cards in SMT – THT technology, providing also prototypes and mass productions.

Microsystech was born in 2002 as a spin-off of RGM S.p.A. in San Colombano Certenoli (Genova), to provide the electronic boards for RGM and other customers.

Due to the expansion of its technology, in August 2014 Microsystech moved to Genova, near RGM S.p.A headquarter, improving new equipments and flexibility and providing a high level service to customers.

Since its creation Microsystech had a unique and defined mission: INNOVATION, both in product and processes.

Following this path, during years, several investments have been performed in what we most believe: PEOPLE, giving them all the most advanced tools and equipments to reach the company’s goals.

In Microsystech there is high attention to the production in safe environment. We produce in rooms all in conformity with the ESD and EPA requirements.

Long-term storage of data traceability with MYTrace software






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